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9.1. Roadtrip with Arne (North Island)

Most exhausting trip of my travels: Tongariro Crossing. You won’t believe it but we did an 8 hours hike today! We walked 33666 steps and made round about 27 km. And now our legs and feet hurt a lot as you may can imagine. However, it was an amazing experience with nice views and good training the tracks crosses the two Vulcans Tongariro and… forgot the name but a damn high red Vulcan which still is active and there is the opportunity to walk to the summits of the Vulcans as well. So we did the 19km of the crossing plus 8 km to the Tongariro summit. Some pictures of our hike in the link at the bottom will come soon. As the area around Lake Taupo (middle of North Island) is still in a forming process by vulcanic activities you can see small clouds coming out of the rocks and gaps as well as a lot of natural hot pools everywhere. We took a nice bath in a free hot pool in Taupo yesterday (and yes the water is really hot). Well… the days before we mainly took the ferry from Picton to Wellington, the first big city in New Zealand I have seen, we visited the Golden Bay *.*and have spent a night in Napier. Actually Wellington was so frightening because of its size, if you are used to the normal small “villages” it is quite shocking. We’ve only spent one night and to be honest that was enough for me Between Wellington and Napier we went to the “Adrenalin Park”, a climbing park like you’ve probably not seen before. The most difficult level was 31 meters (!!) up in the trees and the Pacours were really hard. I wasn’t able to do the most difficult ones (I don’t want to talk about it, it’s a shame…) because of the enormous muscle power you need for that park. Had felt horrible stiff and aching the next days in my whole body… Shit happens, it was worth it. Next time I come to NZ I will be fit enough to do all of the pacours!!! To be honest even Arne said it was damn hard at the highest one so I can feel a bit better. Our next stops will be Rotoura and Bay of Plenty, I am looking forward to that. I hope you guys are all fine, I miss you! The ones who need it: Good luck with your Abi! Yippieh yeah! 25.4.15
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