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    Coucou ! Die fotos sind

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9.0. Roadtrip with Arne

As you may have noticed I didn’t write anything for a long time. Well… Sorry for that but there probably wouldn’t have been anything to tell you anyway. I stayed in Te Anau for exactly two months and I am still really sad I had to leave this wonderful place. Thank you very much Andy and Emma, I really do miss you and I am looking forward to see you again as soon as possible! Thanks!

However now it is time to go on I’ve met Arne in Christchurch on 11th of April where we rented a car. We drove down the east coast to Dunedin (passed the amazing Moeraki Boulders, the completely round rocks you can see in my pictures) and headed to Te Anau to visit Andy and Emma and my old working place again. It was fu*king cold, we had snow from Dunedin to Queenstown! We have spent a day in Milford Sound, made a ship cruise and were astonished by the beautiful and stunning nature as well as the funny bird Kea (it likes to break into cars and destroy them as good as possible. We were happy the ones we’ve met just wanted some food). The landscape gained even more charm as it normally has by the snow, the mountains looked awesome!

Afterwards we’ve spent a night in Queenstown, hoping to be able to do some Paragliding, however there first were some problems with the booking and secondly with the weather Now we are on our way up the west coast, stayed two nights next to the Fox Glacier to do some hiking and watch the glaciers. Today we are sitting in our room in Westport, an absolutely boring city. As the weather is perfect and warm now we really enjoyed the last days of fun driving around the serpentines and stunning nature.

That’s it so far. I may write the next entry soon cause we are travelling around and the places are changing a lot. By the way, I decided to be in New Zealand a bit longer than originally planned, probably until June. But I do really miss you! And if you have some time I would be happy to skype with you (Is “to skype” an acceptable verb? ^.^ ) Have a good time and ask me any questions you have

The link to the pictures:

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Agnes (19.4.15 10:27)
Coucou ! Die fotos sind einfach wunderschön, und es freut mich von dir zu hören ! Du scheinst dich wohl zu amüsieren :D
Ich wünsche euch beiden viel spass noch, und alles liebe !!


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