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8.0. Te Anau

The advertisement in TV just told me I could fly in (participating) supermarkets in case I am paying with VISA card. I will try this next time when I have to go shopping… Would improve this annoying and expensive activity a lot I am watching American Idol at the very moment and to be honest, I always have thought, German Casting shows are horrible. Well, they are quite good. Well normally we watch a lot of movies, most of the time horse movies in the evening, but I really wanted to give you some news from the last days and weeks and I can’t always do it later.

So I am working in Te Anau (South of South Island) at the very moment. This is a horse trekking farm ( and training farm, my main jobs are leading horse trecks, caring about the horses, feeding ducks and chicken (which is disgusting, did you know they eat almost everything?) poo picking and helping with everything. Ah and cooking, I am becoming a capable cook haha :D I already helped sheering the sheep, that’s a very hard and warm job. Did you know sheep are able to jump about 1,2 meters high?? At the very moment I am drawing a road sign for the camping ground, riding and Quad biking. And I’ve never thought I would enjoy it that much, but riding on the Quads is really fun, we do everything with them, bringing in the horses, plant trees whatever. Furthermore Andy (the boss) and his daughter Emma are teaching me natural Horsemanship and dealing with the horses in a better and easier way in general. They are amazing and very friendly, I am already sad when I am thinking about leaving them in about 2 weeks…

There are about 40 horses here, ca. 20 Trekking Horses, Standard Breeds (Traber) which were racing horses before they got too slow and Andy bought and trained them. The other horses are mainly Arab mixes which has been bred here and Emma and Andy are training and selling them. All of them are amazingly trained and have wonderful characters. In addition I am riding A small pony (about 1,10m :D) bareback and practicing Horsemanship which is crazy because it takes some time to get used to his pony movements after riding horses for about a month^^ But I am learning a lot and I am completely happy

Also the landscape is awesome! I am doing up to 3 treks a day and any time I come up the hill my heart gets a bit more happy. I uploaded some pictures to Dropbox, also from Wanaka and Queenstown…  

Guys, I do have WIFI at the very moment so if you’d like to have nice Schwatz this is the perfect time I miss all of you!

Yippieh Yeah!



You can find the last pictures here (may take some time until it completed uploading):

Wanaka & Roadtrip:


Te Anau:

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