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6.0. Queenstown

Never sleep in a car without a sleepingbag when it is about -3°C outside…

And Mc Donalds is a very nice place to get warm again...
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5.0. Scenic Route

In case you are in New Zealand you definitely should rent a car and go through the Scenic Route at the very South of the south island. That is what I am doing at the very moment with 2 Germans I met and I am so damn happy I had this chance!! Take a look to the few pictures in the link. At the very moment we are in a lovely Hostel near Te Anau, which offers “shared bedrooms” with  4 beds inside(!!!) for only 20$ per night (normal is about 25-35). Each room is located in it’s own shed, with oven and kitchen, without power and toilet which are just few steps down the hill. Amazing!! Another funny thing: the weather is crazy, within 10 minutes we had rain, ice, sun, thunder and a lot of wind. Driving on left side with an automatically car is by the way not even difficult. Well, we’re only driving about the countryside but it is fun and offers the most beautiful views on rainforests, beaches, hills and mountain I have ever seen.

Yippieh Yeah!!




p.s.: I do have my next Job from Feb 10th, probably no internet access...

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